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Internet Policy

We are committed to making the Health and Human Services (HHS) Enterprise Portal accessible to all users. (Application Portals accessed from within the HHS Enterprise Portal may not meet accessibility requirements.)

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About the Portal

The HHS Enterprise Portal allows you to access all of your HHS applications in one place. You can also benefit from the following features…

Request new access to an application

Request changes to your existing access

View updates to your access requests

Sign the Acceptable Use Agreement and other HHS forms

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Tips on using the web help


The portal web help uses drop-down elements. If you have multiple drop-downs open, select the collapse/expand button on the right of the page to collapse all of the topics. You may also select this button to expand all the topics on the page.

Select the printer icon on the right of the page to print a hard copy of the web page.

Selecting an item on the User Guides menu button will automatically download the document to your computer.

Selecting an item on the Tutorials menu button will redirect you to YouTube.

If you are not sure of where a topic is located, search by entering one or more keywords in the search bar.