Onboarding Introduction

Early Onboarding is not available for DFPS. DFPS supervisors will not see the Manage Early Onboarding option under Staff Management and will not receive emails to early onboard an applicant.

The Onboarding Introduction screen is the second screen in the early onboarding process. This screen provides the following important information about the early onboarding process:

  • It indicates the name of the applicant for whom the early onboarding process has been initiated.

  • If you sign out of your session before submitting your request, you must initiate a new request and re-select those items.

  • Once you have completed a page, if you return to that page or go back in the process you must click Next through all previously complete screens.

  • As you proceed through the process the circles at the top of the page will change color. The colors are as follows:

    • Yellow indicates the page you are on

    • Blue indicates a page you have completed

    • Gray indicates a page you have not yet completed

Click Next to open the Verify User Info screen.