CARE Batch Information

Document Name Notes

Batch Follow-Up Contact Transaction (PDF)


Batch Diagnostic Data Transaction (PDF)

effective November 7, 2005

Batch Diagnostic ICD10 (PDF)

ICD10 Compliant reposted September 2014

DSM5 ICD10 Codes and Descriptors (PDF)

September 2015

Batch Service Assignment Transaction (PDF)

updated January, 2004

Batch Transaction Trailer Record (PDF)


Batch Registration Change Transaction (PDF)

updated April 2016

Batch Registration Transaction (PDF)

updated April 2016

New Gen Meds (PDF)

updated October 2013
Batch Community Based Assignment Transaction Posted December 2021

Guide to Submitting CARE Batches SSL (PDF)

posted March 2012

Guide to Submitting CARE Batches SSH (PDF)

posted January 2016